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Our Programmes

School Programme

The focus of the school programme is equipping schools in charge of providing free education that are lacking teaching resources - public schools in remote areas, Quranic and christian schools. In cooperation with the local furniture producers, carpenters, builders and print shops we deliver the necessary furniture (boards, desks, chairs, tables, benches) and teaching materials (books and notebooks).

Water Programme

Before the construction of a new well we carefully study resources already existing in the area, focusing our efforts on renovation of the restorable wells and replacement of the neglected ones. At its core, the water programme aims at long-term maintenance of the wells providing involved communities with knowledge on the best preservation for the best possible longevity of the wells - giving the communities safe, clean water for years to come, without the need of an external care or intervention.

Mentoring Programme

The last part of our initiative centres on a mentoring programme and exchange of skills and competences between the women entering a job market after a break or facing challenges while establishing themselves as small business owners. Our team advocates the skills by matching them with a locally based mentor who will support them with their knowledge and experience. Apart from mediating between and matching, Tiwani provides the micro-loans to facilitate the rise of businesses and all tools needed to develop them.

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