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An overview of our latest activities and events


We are humbled and grateful for the support we have received during the New Year food parcel fundraiser. Over the course of a week, we managed to gather over 400 Euros from different donations. As planned, the teams in Benin have prepared tens of parcels including local food staples: rice, oil, sardines, tomatoes, coucous etc.

On the 31st of December 2021 Tiwani teams have distributed the food parcels among families and individuals in the regions of Porto-Novo, Seme-Podji and Parakou. In total, 63 parcels were distributed - 50 in the region of Porto-Novo and 13 in the Parakou city area.

We thank all the Tiwani teams who have contributed their energy, time and engagement to accomplish this action:

Maëlle, Donné, Joyce, Aweni, Hypolite, Norbert, Nourou, Théophile, Henry, Désiré, Immaculée, Melvina, Paolos

We also thank all our donors and friends and family who have shared this fundraiser with the others, this idea wouldn´t be successful without you!

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A brief reminder - our food parcel action continues until the 30th of December so that we will be able to organise the delivery on time before the start of the New Year 2022. Thank you everyone who has already shown their support by sharing the information on the action and donating. If you are considering contributing or would like to find out more:

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